Lmax Experience

The broker LMAX is characterised by a wide range of tradable currency pairs. This offers its traders great flexibility in trading. In our detailed report you can read which possibilities and options the broker has in addition.

Our experiences at a glance

The trading with securities is also very popular apart from shares and meanwhile offers numerous possibilities. An option is it to participate with difference contracts as well as currencies in the trade. This is a simple but lucrative form of trading. Forex trading in particular is also suitable for beginners and is easy to learn. It is particularly practical in this context that there are now numerous brokers of this kind, where you can become active as a trader. In this way it is easy to participate in trading and exploit the potential offered here. The broker LMAX for example offers a large offer for trading and convinces also beyond that with different features.

Because LMAX offers for its traders also a reliable support which can be reached and provides for trading not only a WebTrader which can be used flexibly. There are also mobile apps, so that trading can also be carried out easily with a mobile device such as a smartphone. With the demo account offered, the provider also offers an option to try out trading before using your own capital and to orient yourself. The offered security is to be mentioned here likewise.

LMAX in the check: Fraud or respectable?

Naturally plays for most traders also the own security a crucial role. So it is especially important to choose a safe and reputable broker, where trading without risks is possible. Only a few traders would voluntarily choose a broker who works frivolously. After all, you don’t want to deal with fraud or rip-offs. LMAX’s experience clearly shows that this provider is safe for Forex trading and offers traders many protection mechanisms. Trading is therefore possible here without any problems and above all the regulation offered offers a lot of security for traders. This aspect influences the test report of LMAX naturally accordingly in positive form. Thus, there is no need to fear rip-off or fraud at the broker LMAX in any way.

A wide range of trading currency pairs offers variety

For trading currencies – i.e. forex instruments – the range of tradable currency pairs is often of great importance. Many brokers provide their traders with a manageable selection of tradable securities. With LMAX this is different and the trading offer is very broadly positioned with this broker. As a trader, you can not only trade the well-known currency pairs such as EUR/USD, but also more exotic pairs are available here. When trading currencies, you decide on a currency pair and then determine how the exchange rate will change in relation to each other. On the basis of this you can then profit from the exchange rate gain or loss. Trading is therefore quite simple, but offers great potential.

The experience with LMAX in this area is very positive due to the wide range of products on offer for the trade. In addition it comes that the trade with this offerer is always with much alternation possible and one can profit as a trader here very easily from a multiplicity at currency pairs. Narrow Spreads and thus a large potential for the trade offer much comfort and make the Trading for the target group of LMAX very interesting. For this purpose different functions can be taken up with the Trading and the Trading can be aligned thereby very professionally and profitably. With various strategies one can align the trading here very simply and arrange it according to its conceptions and possibilities.

A bonus is waived here

In many cases traders pay attention to whether a broker also pays a bonus. Many offerers grant a bonus to their traders for the account opening or for the first deposit. With other providers a bonus is paid if a certain minimum turnover has been exceeded. Other providers, on the other hand, waive a bonus altogether. And also with the traders there are different camps. Thus some Trader use a bonus in each case out, while other Trader do completely without it. Thus it is always a matter of opinion, whether one needs now a bonus or would rather do without it.

Broker LMAX does not ask itself this question at all. Because this broker does not offer a bonus to his traders. Thus for the Trading only the own capital is available and this is not increased by a bonus further. A bonus is always tied to conditions that a trader has to meet or achieve. So the bonus amount – if there is one – must be converted according to the requirements, before it can come at all for a payout in question. On the other hand, it is also possible that a bonus has to be paid back afterwards if a trader cannot meet the requirements. In this respect, a bonus can also have negative consequences for a trader. This is also the reason why some traders are generally critical of bonus credits.

In general, a bonus can be interesting for trading CFDs or forex values. Nevertheless, the fact that there is no bonus for traders with this broker does not really have a negative effect on the test. After all it shows up here that the offerer rather addresses itself to experienced traders. This becomes clear in the end also with the minimum sum for the first deposit. Beginners – who speculate for example on a bonus – are instead with other offerers of this kind at the correct address.

In general, you can mark a missing bonus as a disadvantage if you change your perspective. Thus a bonus could arouse the interest in this broker and make sure that more traders decide for this provider. At least at the current time, however, no bonus is active or plans for such are known.

Deposits and payouts

Of course, it also plays a role how easy, but above all safe deposits and payouts can be made at a broker. Less depends it thereby on the multiplicity at payment possibilities. It is much more important that traders are provided with secure options to make deposits or withdrawals. With the provider LMAX this is in any case the case. It is possible to make a deposit via credit card or bank transfer. Other payment methods are also less suitable if you take a closer look at the minimum amount for a deposit. This is 10,000 dollars (or the equivalent in the broker’s own currency).

This makes it clear that the provider is aimed primarily at experienced traders who bring an appropriate budget for trading. For beginners or traders, who want to enter the trade with a small budget, this provider is less suitable. This circumstance is not bad, nevertheless there are offerers, who address themselves particularly to a risers, likewise. With LMAX you can be sure of a secure deposit and the paid-in capital will be credited to your trading account immediately after booking. With a deposit with the credit card that is usually directly in such a way, with a transfer it lasts a little longer a little. These are worked on fast, so that one can dispose as a Trader also without long waiting time again freely of its assets. Nevertheless one can understand the putting on of money with a broker also as investment of funds, so that one would like to access if necessary fast the own capital. In the experiences with LMAX the time near completion of disbursements is noticeable in any case very positively in any case and offers for the Trader an option to arrive fast and above all also surely at the own yields.

Ganz generally could LMAX its Tradern still further payment possibilities make available, however the existing options are to be classified in each case as safe and reliable. Thus one makes thus nothing wrong, if one deposits money in this way with this offerer. The fact that also disbursements take place fast confirms the positive impression from the test report besides.

Serious trading is ensured by regulation and licensing

As already mentioned, security is crucial for many traders and of course for good reason. Nobody wants to take the risk to throw his money into the throat of a dubious broker or to lose it through a fraudulent provider. Therefore, many traders rely on participating in trading only with a broker with regulation. Although brokers are often safe without such regulations, this has become a security feature. LMAX has a corresponding regulation, for which the FCA from Great Britain is responsible. This means that the provider is subject to the control and supervision of the FCA and voluntarily undergoes this control.

The regulation thus offers a certain degree of security in any case and is to be understood as an advantage for traders. In any case, it is ensured that the broker looks after the interests of the traders and also protects their capital accordingly.

In addition, however, deposit protection often also plays an important role, which is prescribed within the European Union. According to EU laws, it is at least 100,000 euros per trader and trading account. Thus the capital of the traders is protected accordingly, even if a broker should be insolvent or is no longer solvent. In this case, a corresponding fund is used, which is enormously important for the client’s funds. As a trader with LMAX, you can also benefit from this deposit protection.

Thus the broker offers a lot of comfort for all traders when it comes to security. LMAX’s test in this area therefore fails without any complaints. Nevertheless there is also a multiplicity at brokers, who do without a regulation and besides by your company headquarters also not to a deposit protection are bound.

LMAX offers also with the customer service much comfort

Beside the achievements with the Trading and with the individual trade offers it depends on variety and comfort. Also with the support a fundamental support is meaningful, if one has once questions as a Trader or with problems no solution finds. Broker LMAX offers comprehensive support for its traders so that all questions can be answered quickly and all problems solved directly. From Sunday to Friday there is such a telephone support, which is attainable around the clock. In addition, the support can also be reached via e-mail, which allows traders to submit their questions and concerns in written form. In each case it is thus guaranteed that one is not left alone as a trader with problems and questions and instead gets a direct and fast support.

The quick contact can be especially useful in case of problems with the trading tools. But even if you have more urgent questions as a trader, you can get help and support from the provider LMAX comfortably and promptly. This offers thus for all traders some at comfort and helps to feel good with this broker also accordingly.

Webseite offers fast orientation

The web page is not only in German language ready, it is also brightly arranged and offers fast access to all important contents. With few Klicks one finds oneself here as Trader to right and can enter thus simply and fast into the trade. In addition it is possible directly on the web page to create an account for the trade or to make itself familiar with the demo entrance with the Trading. LMAX also offers a simple orientation with its own website. Besides also the Webtrader can be used flexibly.

Mobile App

With the mobile App the broker LMAX offers additionally the possibility to participate flexibly and simply in the trade to its traders. The app can be downloaded quickly and free of charge for Android and iOS and thus offers a direct possibility of use. The app can be used with the known access data. It also offers access to trading and you can also get an overview of your own trading account.

The test report also offers many positive aspects due to the mobile app and it becomes clear that as a trader you can participate in trading flexibly and with a lot of variety.

Conclusion: With LMAX there are extensive trading possibilities for traders

The British broker LMAX does not only convince with a demo account, low spreads as well as a safe possibility for the deposit, but also with a regulation and deposit security. As a trader, you are safe here and can participate flexibly and easily in trading. LMAX offers a lot of comfort for traders and also convinces with a German-language website. Furthermore, there is also a mobile app with which traders can easily participate in trading. Altogether the broker offers thus numerous possibilities, addresses itself with a minimum deposit sum of 10.000 dollar however rather to experienced traders with appropriate budget.

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