Bicicleta Slot: Yggdrasil Brings The King Football To The Casino

After a few weeks ago NetEnt supplied a suitable video slot for the European Championship with Football Champions Cup football fans, Yggdrasil is now following up with Bicicleta. This slot looks very similar to its NetEnt relative, but what about the inner values and features of the slot? Don’t worry, we’ll also check the reels of this machine for any defects.

In the past, Yggdrasil never disappointed us. All slot machines we have tested so far are without doubt recommended. But is Bicicleta like many other slot machines that are supposed to make a profit out of events or movies and you are lagging behind in quality? Or can fans of Yggdrasil play Bicicleta without fear of disappointment? Let’s start with the technical features!

Technical features

Wow, what’s that? 5 reels with 4 symbols each? We have hardly seen anything like this before. The total of 20 symbols of the machine bring a lot of variety into the game and that’s a good thing! But the number of paylines is relatively common with 25. But that’s not too bad, because 25 paylines are more than enough. You should also be aware of the fact that the number of pay lines does not immediately indicate the chances of winning. But this goes beyond the scope of this game test.

What do you expect when you play a slot machine with football as its theme? For us, these are the portraits of our favorite players. Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels… we should all see them. We would also like to be satisfied with international stars. But Yggdrasil unfortunately disappoints us in this respect all along the line. There are no real players to see, only fantasy players.

This bad first impression of Bicicleta is deepened by the absence of effects and animations. The potential of the European Championship too big not to use it. Flying balls, goals, dribblings, fouls and all the things that make up football you won’t find here. But what you can still look forward to are free spins and wilds, which we are now coming to.

bonuses and winnings

As Bicicleta unfortunately does not have the expected presentation of a football slot, all hope lies in the traditional features of the machines. Can we win at Bicicleta and what do the bonuses look like?

Beside the Wild symbol, which replaces all symbols except the Free Spin symbol and the Big Cup, you will often encounter the Free Spin scatter. The football symbol must appear at least three times to switch to Free Spin mode. With five scatters there are even 24! This is an announcement.

The fifth role is where you should look for the trophy. Because if it shows up there are between 8-12 free spins or up to 1000 coins. So it’s also worth it that you’ve set the bet high before. If you win a few free spins via the trophy or the free spins scatter, player symbols have the chance to become sticky. This means the player stays in the same position until all free spins are over.

To top it all off, Bicicleta places you in Wild Reels mode after winning the trophy. There Wilds are extended to the whole reel, making winnings even more likely.

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