Enforcement Report Submitted To The Ukgc

The British Gaming Authority was founded in 2007 and can be internationally described as one of the best, but also strictest gaming authorities. Year after year, the agency takes a close look at the UK market, reports and analyses developments. One such report has now been published again in the form of the Enforcement Report. In this particularly the responsibility of the industry opposite the players and the possibilities were brought up for discussion, in order to make a still safer gambling for the customers possible.

Responsibility is not always seriously taken

The defaults of the British legislation within the range of the gambling and in particular in the responsibility of the gambling enterprises opposite their players are enormously strict. Thus the laws provide that the casinos must know their players and should refer these for example with a remarkable play behavior at least to this. The Gambling Commission is enormously endeavored in this range and organizes for example again and again seminars or interactive Events. On these the gambling enterprises are to be trained in such a way to recognize and contact remarkable players.

Despite the emsigen efforts of the gambling authority in the past again and again gambling enterprises are noticeable , which did not play within the range of the responsibility ?after the rules of the game? Partially serious lack were uncovered – and not only in individual cases. The consequence: Row by row gambling enterprises were verdonnert in the past by de British gambling authority to million payments.

h2Casinos are to become acquainted with players still better

Gemehrt have themselves in the recent past for example again and again reports that players could place despite a self-block further employments in a Casino . Beyond that these players were animated by the offerers often even still to playing, by being sent for example bonus offers or free plays. The British gambling authority suspects behind this procedure not always bad intention, but estimates rather, that the gambling enterprises do not know their customers simply sufficiently . And therefore also not correctly could judge, when a player pays for its conditions too much money in a Casino. The authority suggests to the industry in its report therefore to concern itself once with it, how much money a British player has after departure of all costs in the month still available.

How the national statistics office communicates in this connection, the sum might lie between 200 and 500 pounds. It is assumed that the average full-time income of the British is around 2,200 pounds . If the providers knew this, the argumentation of the authorities would be, for example, a problematic gambling behaviour could be discovered with significantly higher payments. Which sounds somewhat strange with the first listening, has quite a serious background. Round two million Britons are considered according to estimates as endangered and exhibit the tendency to a problematic play behavior. According to estimates, around 340,000 British players are considered addicted to gambling. For comparison: In Germany, the number is less than 200,000 people.

The sensitive issue of money laundering

The Enforcement Report focuses primarily on player protection and the responsibility of providers towards their customers. At the same time the report concerns itself in addition, with the protection possibilities of the industry /strong. In particular the topic money laundering is here further a hot topic, with which the Casinos have to do for several years. The large problem: It is feared that with the help of the money laundering for example terrorist activities are supported. So the problem would be much bigger than it might seem at first glance. Particularly in this area the Gambling Commission is therefore working strongly on new investigation and clarification possibilities.

Together with the National Crime Agency, for example, a video series was staged which is intended to train the gambling providers even better in the area of money laundering. The companies should then be able to recognize suspicious players more easily and react correctly. Concerned of it are naturally not only on-line Casinos, so that the gambling authority with its video rows paid also the gaming houses of the country in the recent past a attendance. However it was in the last months also in this range above all on-line industry, which was noticeable by partial horrenden penalty payments in this range, it was in the last months.

h2Also offerers without license mix in Great Britain with

A further problem of the industry is according to the report of the gambling authority the fact that also in Great Britain again and again suppliers without necessary license try to become active on the market . The gambling authority proceeds strictly against these, cannot however guarantee that also really all illegal offers can be banished from the market. But what actually happens if the authority has tracked down an illegal provider? This is first pointed out that its offer is illegal in Great Britain and it should withdraw therefore from the market. If this does not happen, further investigations will be initiated and, if necessary, further steps taken.

So, for example, the gaming authority can cooperate with the country’s Internet providers and payment companies and persuade them to block payments or the connection to a particular provider. In this way, in 2018 alone, more than 30 providers were sold from the market who wanted to make their offers available here without an official license. In the future, the authority will probably continue to have to struggle with these providers. After all, the British are generally regarded as very enthusiastic about gambling and are known to generate strong sales in online casinos year after year – and this automatically attracts “black sheep”. As the gambling authority emphasizes again and again, however, wool one also in the future strict controls continue to accomplish , in order to be able to guarantee in such a way that only safe offers on the market can be headed for and this can remain legal further. For the players this is excellent news, because the intensive control ensures a legal and fair game for the customers. And if this should not be the case, the Gambling Commission will deal intensively with the provider in the aftermath of the offence at the latest.

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