Tarzan Slot: Microgaming Once Again Impressively Realises Film Hero

Tarzan is the story of the man in the jungle who grows up with monkeys and shuffles his way through the jungle like a chimpanzee. But sometimes chimpanzees get to know very nice female creatures like Jane Porter. When a Tarzan falls in love with a Jane, it is a heartwarming story and material for countless books, movies and now also slot machines!

The game developer Microgaming likes to do it again and again. One lends a license for the conversion of well-known stories films and plays, makes slot machines from it and hopes that the fans agree with it. Most of the time Microgaming is mediocre, as you can see on the Game of Thrones slots, but every now and then there’s a direct hit.

What category is Tarzan?

Technical features

Tarzan is a very common slot machine with 5 reels and 3 symbols each, similar to the example of a video slot. The player spins the reels via a knob and waits for one of 40 paylines to be hit. Bets of 40 cents and 40 euros are accepted.

Microgaming has made every effort to make Tarzan look appealing. But unfortunately one decided again for a Comic Look, while we live nevertheless in the age of realistic diagram. We can’t understand this decision. But if you feel like the childish comic style, then a Tarzan will like it!

Animations are not available and effects are only rudimentary. That’s a pity, because we have the feeling, there would have been more in it!

bonuses and winnings

microgaming is known to bet on high jackpots. To accomplish this and keep an average chance of winning, a slot machine must either be very variable or pay a steep progression in winnings depending on the length of the combination.

Tarzan is the former and so you will experience some rounds where you don’t win a chanterelle. Only after the tenth turn are you happy enough to make a combination. But if there is a win, it is usually very high. We like that!

Besides the wild symbol, which replaces all other symbols, there is also a bonus game. This starts when three or more scatters appear on the reels. Now the bonus game takes different branches. Once there is a cash win through a multiplier, which promises up to 100 times the bet. Then there are free spins, a Pick a Potamus bonus and other cash prizes. With maximum luck there is then the jackpot to win, which is 1000x the total bet.

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