Cmc Markets Advertises With Monthly Reimbursement – Up To 10 Euro Possible Depending On Trading Volume

The broker CMC Markets is known to most traders in the forex, indices and commodities segment. CMC Markets is a regulated broker based in London, UK. As far as the CMC Markets trading offer is concerned, the broker is one of those on the market who offers a particularly large number of options.

The trading offer includes equities, but also forex instruments and, of course, interesting CFD trading. In total, more than 10,000 different shares are available as underlyings. Beyond that there are approximately 340 different currency pairs, which are suitable for the trade.

How does the principle of the monthly reimbursement function with CMC Markets?

Customers, who start with CMC Markets into the trade and obtain here particularly high conversions, can receive appropriate reimbursements. This is especially the case with forex, indices and commodities. If the corresponding conditions are met, traders automatically receive the corresponding rebates in the promised product classes with the first trade. CMC Markets does not currently guarantee refunds on equities and bonds.

For traders to have the option to receive refunds at CMC Markets, the total trading volume in the Forex CFD segment must be at least EUR 25 million. Once this is the case, traders automatically participate in the corresponding rebates. This means that from the first trade of the month, depending on the level reached, a rebate of between 5 and 10 Euros will take place.

If the total trading volume is 250 million Euros per month, levels 1 and 2 can be reached. For Stage 1, the rebate per million traded is 5 Euros. In the maximum a value of 200 million euro can be reached. In stage 2, the rebate is EUR 7 per million, which is traded between EUR 200 and 300 million. The monthly reimbursement amounts to 1,350 euro – in the stage 1 up to 200 x 5 euro and in the stage 2 for example 50 x 7 euro.

Who has more than 300 million Trading volume in the month, can receive in the stage 3 per million trading volume a reimbursement at a value of 10 euro.

What kind of support does CMC Markets offer its customers?

Customers and interested parties can receive support at CMC Markets via the Internet or over the telephone. Via telephone there is a fixed net number with 069 prefix, which can be used in Germany without problems. Also there is a support via email, which can be noticed in German language. Who looks for a Chat or a recall support, does not find this with CMC Markets unfortunately. It should be noted, however, that the service is very extensive to reach with the provider. The service times include 7 days in the week and 24 hours, so that it is worthwhile in each case to contact the support with questions.

Credit can be deposited with CMC Markets without problems via credit card. Visa and MasterCard are accepted without problems and payment via bank transfer is also possible without problems. There is no minimum deposit and from a payment of 15.000 Euro even the credit card costs will be covered by CMC Markets. As far as the withdrawal of credit is concerned, the same options are offered as for the deposits.

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